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  1. The prevalence of overweight is increasing and its consequences will cause a major public health burden in the near future. Cost-effective interventions for weight control among the general population are ther...

    Authors: Marieke F van Wier, Geertje AM Ariëns, Johanna C Dekkers, Ingrid JM Hendriksen, Nico P Pronk, Tjabe Smid and Willem van Mechelen
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:140
  2. Physicians can play an important role in smoking prevention and control. This study will identify smoking prevalence among physicians in Yerevan, Armenia. It will also explore how the smoking behaviors of phys...

    Authors: Paul C Perrin, Ray M Merrill and Gordon B Lindsay
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:139
  3. United Kingdom public health policy has recently re-emphasised the role of primary health care professionals in tackling increasing levels of physical inactivity within the general population. However, little ...

    Authors: Flora Douglas, Nicola Torrance, Edwin van Teijlingen, Serena Meloni and Ann Kerr
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:138
  4. The concept of 'avoidable' mortality (AM) has been proposed as a performance measure of health care systems. In this study we examined mortality in five geographic regions of Canada from 1975 to 1999 for previ...

    Authors: Paul D James, Doug G Manuel and Yang Mao
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:137
  5. A significant proportion of Europeans do not meet the recommendations for 30 mins of physical activity 5 times per week. Whether lower frequency, moderate intensity exercise alters cardiovascular disease (CVD)...

    Authors: Marie H Murphy, Elaine M Murtagh, Colin AG Boreham, Lesley G Hare and Alan M Nevill
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:136
  6. The clothing style is an important factor that influences vitamin D production and thus bone mineral density. We performed a case-control study in order to evaluate the effect of veil wearing (concealing cloth...

    Authors: Fadoua Allali, Siham El Aichaoui, Bouchra Saoud, Houda Maaroufi, Redouane Abouqal and Najia Hajjaj-Hassouni
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:135
  7. Epidemiologic data have shown that the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes varies with ethnic origin. Type 2 diabetes is up to four times more common in British South Asians than in the indigenous white population. ...

    Authors: Hamid R Baradaran, Robin P Knill-Jones, Sunita Wallia and Alison Rodgers
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:134
  8. Neighbourhood socioeconomic disadvantage and social capital have been associated with adolescent well-being, but the majority of studies were cross-sectional, and the time window over which the neighbourhood m...

    Authors: Marjan Drukker, Charles Kaplan, Josien Schneiders, Frans JM Feron and Jim van Os
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:133
  9. Kenya introduced a pentavalent vaccine including the DTP, Haemophilus influenzae type b and hepatitis b virus antigens in Nov 2001 and strengthened immunization services. We estimated immunization coverage before...

    Authors: Moses Ndiritu, Karen D Cowgill, Amina Ismail, Salome Chiphatsi, Tatu Kamau, Gregory Fegan, Daniel R Feikin, Charles RJC Newton and J Anthony G Scott
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:132
  10. It has been suggested that periodontal disease may be an independent risk factor for the development of atherosclerosis. However, the relationship between periodontal disease and atherosclerosis has not been f...

    Authors: Koichi Miyaki, Katsunori Masaki, Mariko Naito, Toru Naito, Keika Hoshi, Asako Hara, Shugo Tohyama and Takeo Nakayama
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:131
  11. Case definitions have been recognized to be important elements of public health surveillance systems. They are to assure comparability and consistency of surveillance data and have crucial impact on the sensit...

    Authors: Gérard Krause, Bonita Brodhun, Doris Altmann, Hermann Claus and Justus Benzler
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:129
  12. Medical education requires detailed investigation because it is a period during which the attitudes and behaviors of physicians develop. The purpose of this study was to calculate the yearly smoking prevalence...

    Authors: Yesim Senol, Levent Donmez, Mehtap Turkay and Mehmet Aktekin
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:128
  13. Because smallpox (variola major) may be used as a biological weapon, we reviewed outbreaks in post-World War II Europe and North America in order to understand smallpox transmission patterns.

    Authors: Vibha Bhatnagar, Michael A Stoto, Sally C Morton, Rob Boer and Samuel A Bozzette
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:126
  14. The main aims of this paper are to describe the setting and design of a Minimal Intervention in general practice for Stress-related mental disorders in patients on Sick leave (MISS), as well as to ascertain th...

    Authors: Ingrid M Bakker, Berend Terluin, Harm WJ van Marwijk, Chad M Gundy, Johannes H Smit, Willem van Mechelen and Wim AB Stalman
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:124
  15. In response to the growing HIV epidemic in Nigeria, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) initiated the VISION Project, which aimed to increase use of family planning, child survival, and HIV/A...

    Authors: Joseph Keating, Dominique Meekers and Alfred Adewuyi
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:123
  16. Dose-response parameters based on clinical challenges are frequently used to assess the health impact of protozoa in drinking water. We compare the risk estimates associated with Giardia in drinking water derived...

    Authors: D Zmirou-Navier, L Gofti-Laroche and Ph Hartemann
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:122
  17. To examine the level and patterns of self-reported medication use (prescription and non-prescription drugs) among 70–74 year old individuals living in the community, and to explore self-reported indications fo...

    Authors: Mette Brekke, Steinar Hunskaar and Jørund Straand
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:121
  18. The Estimations and Projections Package (EPP 2005) for HIV/AIDS estimates and projects HIV prevalence, number of people living with HIV and new HIV infections and AIDS cases using antenatal clinic (ANC) survei...

    Authors: Geofrey R Somi, Mecky IN Matee, Roland O Swai, Eligius F Lyamuya, Japhet Killewo, Gideon Kwesigabo, Tuhuma Tulli, Titus K Kabalimu, Lucy Ng'ang'a, Raphael Isingo and Joel Ndayongeje
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:120
  19. The incorporation of diagnostic and therapeutic improvements, as well as the different smoking patterns, may have had an influence on the observed variability in renal cancer mortality across Europe. This stud...

    Authors: Napoleón Pérez-Farinós, Gonzalo López-Abente and Roberto Pastor-Barriuso
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:119
  20. Evidence is growing that sleep problems in adolescents are significant impediments to learning and negatively affect behaviour, attainment of social competence and quality of life. The objectives of the study ...

    Authors: Edward S Gibson, AC Peter Powles, Lehana Thabane, Susan O'Brien, Danielle Sirriani Molnar, Nik Trajanovic, Robert Ogilvie, Colin Shapiro, Mi Yan and Lisa Chilcott-Tanser
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:116
  21. Council tax valuation bands (CTVBs) are a categorisation of household property value in Great Britain. The aim of the study was to assess the CTVB as a measure of socio-economic status by comparing the strengt...

    Authors: David L Fone, Frank Dunstan, Stephen Christie, Andrew Jones, Jonathan West, Margaret Webber, Nathan Lester and John Watkins
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:115
  22. Public health authorities worldwide discourage the use of chest radiography as a screening modality, as the diagnostic performance of chest radiography does not justify its application for screening and may ev...

    Authors: Konstantinos Kamposioras, Giovanni Casazza, Davide Mauri, Velisarios Lakiotis, Ivan Cortinovis, Apostolos Xilomenos, Christina Peponi, Vassilis Golfinopoulos, Athanasios Milousis, Dimitrios Kakaridis, Georgios Zacharias, Ioanna Karathanasi, Georgios Ferentinos and Anastasios Proiskos
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:113
  23. Pontiac fever is usually described in epidemic settings. Detection of Pontiac fever is a marker of an environmental contamination by Legionella and should thereby call for prevention measures in order to prevent ...

    Authors: Paul Tossa, Magali Deloge-Abarkan, Denis Zmirou-Navier, Philippe Hartemann and Laurence Mathieu
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:112
  24. Safety belt use is 80% nationally, yet only 63% in Massachusetts. Safety belt use among potentially at-risk groups in Boston is unknown. We sought to assess the prevalence and correlates of belt non-use among ...

    Authors: William G Fernandez, Supriya D Mehta, Tara Coles, James A Feldman, Patricia Mitchell and Jonathan Olshaker
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:111
  25. Two new sets of stratification indicators – family's material affluence and adolescent's personal social position- were compared with traditional indicators of familial social position based on parental occupa...

    Authors: Koivusilta LK, Rimpelä AH and Kautiainen SM
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:110
  26. Injury is the leading cause of death in teenagers worldwide. In Taiwan, people in mountainous areas have a 4 to 8 years shorter life span than the general population. Injury among teenagers is likely a major c...

    Authors: Huei-Yang Chen, Hsing-Yi Chang, Shu-Fang Shih, Chih-Cheng Hsu, Yu-Hsuan Lin and Yaw-Tang Shih
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:107
  27. The advent of urine testing for Chlamydia trachomatis has raised the possibility of large-scale screening for this sexually transmitted infection, which is now the most common in the United Kingdom. The purpose o...

    Authors: Rona Campbell, Nicola Mills, Emma Sanford, Anna Graham, Nicola Low and Tim J Peters
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:106
  28. SPARCLE is a nine-centre European epidemiological research study examining the relationship of participation and quality of life to impairment and environment (physical, social and attitudinal) in 8–12 year ol...

    Authors: Allan Colver
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:105
  29. Despite awareness of inequities in health care quality, little is known about strategies that could improve the quality of healthcare for ethnic minority populations. We conducted a systematic literature revie...

    Authors: Mary Catherine Beach, Tiffany L Gary, Eboni G Price, Karen Robinson, Aysegul Gozu, Ana Palacio, Carole Smarth, Mollie Jenckes, Carolyn Feuerstein, Eric B Bass, Neil R Powe and Lisa A Cooper
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:104
  30. Several studies have shown a markedly higher mortality rate among disability pensioners than among non-retired. Since most disability pensions are granted because of non-fatal diseases the reason for the incre...

    Authors: Thorne Wallman, Hans Wedel, Saga Johansson, Annika Rosengren, Henry Eriksson, Lennart Welin and Kurt Svärdsudd
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:103
  31. Mortality from cardiovascular diseases is higher among immigrants than native Swedes. It is not clear whether the high mortality persists from the country of birth or is a result of migration. The purpose of t...

    Authors: Malin Gadd, Sven-Erik Johansson, Jan Sundquist and Per Wändell
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:102
  32. Although only a few studies have been published on teachers' health, certain ideas are widely accepted, such as for example, the preconceived notion that teachers suffer from an excessively high rate of mental...

    Authors: Viviane Kovess-Masféty, Christine Sevilla-Dedieu, Carmen Rios-Seidel, Eléna Nerrière and Christine Chan Chee
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:101
  33. In the last years, international traffic volume has significantly increased, raising the risk for acquisition of infectious diseases. Among travel-associated infections, increased incidence of legionellosis ha...

    Authors: Antonio Azara, Andrea Piana, Giovanni Sotgiu, Marco Dettori, Maria Grazia Deriu, Maria Dolores Masia, Bianca Maria Are and Elena Muresu
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:100
  34. Undernutrition is a leading cause of child mortality in developing countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. We examine the household and community level socioeconomic and environmental factors associated w...

    Authors: Roland Pongou, Majid Ezzati and Joshua A Salomon
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:98
  35. By providing information on the relative merits and potential harms of the options available and a framework to clarify preferences, decision aids can improve knowledge and realistic expectations and decrease ...

    Authors: Cate Nagle, Sharon Lewis, Bettina Meiser, Sylvia Metcalfe, John B Carlin, Robin Bell, Jane Gunn and Jane Halliday
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:96
  36. In Canada, the legal responsibility for the condition of private water supplies, including private wells and cisterns, rests with their owners. However, there are reports that Canadians test these water suppli...

    Authors: Andria Q Jones, Catherine E Dewey, Kathryn Doré, Shannon E Majowicz, Scott A McEwen, Waltner-Toews David, Mathews Eric, Deborah J Carr and Spencer J Henson
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:94
  37. Case studies and anecdotal reports have documented a range of acute illnesses associated with exposure to cyanobacteria and their toxins in recreational waters. The epidemiological data to date are limited; we...

    Authors: Ian Stewart, Penelope M Webb, Philip J Schluter, Lora E Fleming, John W Burns Jr, Miroslav Gantar, Lorraine C Backer and Glen R Shaw
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:93
  38. There are few existing large population studies on the epidemiology of metabolic syndrome-related disorders of Turkey. The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence of metabolic syndrome-related disor...

    Authors: Ss Yavuz Sanisoglu, Cagatay Oktenli, Adnan Hasimi, Mehmet Yokusoglu and Mehmet Ugurlu
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:92
  39. This paper presents the prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and syphilis infections among women attending antenatal clinics (ANC) in Tanzania obtained during the 2003/2004 ANC surveillance.

    Authors: Roland O Swai, Geofrey R Somi G, Mecky IN Matee, Japhet Killewo, Eligius F Lyamuya, Gideon Kwesigabo, Tuhuma Tulli, Titus K Kabalimu, Lucy Ng'ang'a, Raphael Isingo and Joel Ndayongeje
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2006 6:91

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