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Vaping epidemic a major threat to public health

12th September 2019: A sixth person has died from lung disease which may be related to vaping.

Since last week, more than 450 possible cases of lung illness associated with e-cigarettes have been reported across the US. Although a cause has not been identified and a clear connection between the reported deaths has not been made, all cases have used e-cigarettes, with some also containing cannabinoid products.

The FDA is taking action to stop what is being called a vaping epidemic.

Want to learn more about vaping? Visit our dedicated page to view research published in BMC Public Health.

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Featured article & blog: What are the characteristics of patients with Lyme disease in England and Wales?

New Content ItemIn this study, John Tulloch et. al. describe the sociodemographics of a population in England and Wales affected by Lyme disease and how patients with the disease are managed within hospitals and the NHS.

Learn more in John Tulloch's blog on the study.

Call for Papers: Developments in Global Tobacco and Alcohol Policy

BMC Public Health is pleased to announce an upcoming cross-journal series to focus on tobacco and alcohol policy. Read the full 'Call for Papers' description for more information. 

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Call for Papers: Environmental Justice and Policy Research

BMC Public Health is delighted to announce the launch of a new thematic series. Read the full 'Call for Papers' description for more information. 

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Featured collection: Ebola research highlights

New Content ItemOn 17 July 2019, the Ebola virus disease outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the World Health Organization. Please click here to find relevant research published in BMC Public Health and other journals.

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Featured article: “They’re always there”: resident experiences of living with rats in a disadvantaged urban neighbourhood

The presence of rats in urban centers may have several consequences on the physical and mental health of residents living in close contact with them. These effects may be exacerbated with continued contact with rats and when residents perceive a lack of initiative to control rats in their neighborhood.

Learn more here from the authors of the study.

Featured article: “You feel like you’re part of something bigger”: exploring motivations for community garden participation in Melbourne, Australia

Motivations for community garden participation are diverse and span a range of ancestral, social, environmental and political domains. One of the study’s authors, Dr Jonathan Kingsley, discusses the study further here

Featured article: How many cigarettes are there in a bottle of wine?

The well-established link between cancer and tobacco may provide a way to help explain possible links between alcohol and cancer, and raise public awareness of alcohol-associated cancer risks.

Theresa Hydes discusses their novel research in the following blog.

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Dr. Noriko Cable, Section Editor of the Mental health section, is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London. She works on social relationships, alcohol use and mental health from childhood to late adulthood as well as cross-national examinations of mental health.

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