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  1. Chlamydia trachomatis infection (CTI) is the most frequent sexual transmitted disease (STI) in Switzerland but its prevalence in undocumented migrants is unknown. We aimed to compare CTI prevalence among undoc...

    Authors: Hans Wolff, Ana Lourenço, Patrick Bodenmann, Manuella Epiney, Monique Uny, Nicole Andreoli, Olivier Irion, Jean-Michel Gaspoz and Jean-Bernard Dubuisson
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:391
  2. Legionnaires' disease continues to be a public health concern in passenger ships. This study was scheduled in order to investigate Legionella spp. colonization of water distribution systems (WDS), recreational po...

    Authors: Georgia Goutziana, Varvara A Mouchtouri, Maria Karanika, Antonios Kavagias, Nikolaos E Stathakis, Kostantinos Gourgoulianis, Jenny Kremastinou and Christos Hadjichristodoulou
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:390
  3. Over the past two decades, the prevalence of overweight or obesity has increased in China. The aims of this study were to firstly assess the baseline prevelences and the risk factors for overweight and obesity...

    Authors: Xuhong Hou, Weiping Jia, Yuqian Bao, Huijuan Lu, Shan Jiang, Yuhua Zuo, Huilin Gu and Kunsan Xiang
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:389
  4. The SPEEDY study was set up to quantify levels of physical activity (PA) and dietary habits and the association with potential correlates in 9–10 year old British school children. We present here the analyses ...

    Authors: Esther MF van Sluijs, Paula ML Skidmore, Kim Mwanza, Andrew P Jones, Alison M Callaghan, Ulf Ekelund, Flo Harrison, Ian Harvey, Jenna Panter, Nicolas J Wareham, Aedin Cassidy and Simon J Griffin
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:388
  5. High participation rates are needed to ensure that breast cancer screening programs effectively reduce mortality. We identified the determinants of non-participation in a public breast cancer screening program.

    Authors: Magdalena Esteva, Joana Ripoll, Alfonso Leiva, Carmen Sánchez-Contador and Francisca Collado
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:387
  6. The optimum age for measles vaccination varies from country to country and thus a standardized vaccination schedule is controversial. While the increase in measles vaccination coverage has produced significant...

    Authors: Jagrati V Jani, Carol Holm-Hansen, Tufária Mussá, Arlinda Zango, Ivan Manhiça, Gunnar Bjune and Ilesh V Jani
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:386
  7. HIV and HIV-TB co-infection are slowly increasing in Indonesia. WHO recommends HIV testing among TB patients as a key response to the dual HIV-TB epidemic. Concerns over potential negative impacts to TB contro...

    Authors: Yodi Mahendradhata, Riris Andono Ahmad, Pierre Lefèvre, Marleen Boelaert and Patrick Van der Stuyft
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:385
  8. In aging populations, the prevalence of multimorbidity is high, and the role of socioeconomic status and its correlates is not well described. Thus, we investigated the association between educational attainme...

    Authors: Gabriele Nagel, Richard Peter, Stefanie Braig, Silke Hermann, Sabine Rohrmann and Jakob Linseisen
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:384
  9. An examination of where in the income distribution income is most strongly associated with risk of mortality will provide guidance for identifying the most critical pathways underlying the connections between ...

    Authors: David H Rehkopf, Lisa F Berkman, Brent Coull and Nancy Krieger
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:383
  10. Collaborations are important to health promotion in addressing multi-party problems. Interest in collaborative processes in health promotion is rising, but still lacks monitoring instruments. The authors devel...

    Authors: Mariken TW Leurs, Ingrid M Mur-Veeman, Rosalie van der Sar, Herman P Schaalma and Nanne K de Vries
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:382
  11. Childhood immunization is a cost effective public health strategy. Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) services have been provided in a rural Nigerian community (Sabongidda-Ora, Edo State) at no cost to t...

    Authors: Olumuyiwa O Odusanya, Ewan F Alufohai, Francois P Meurice and Vincent I Ahonkhai
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:381
  12. Doctors and patients hold varying beliefs concerning illness and treatment. Patients' and families' explanatory models (EMs) vary according to personality and sociocultural factors. In a multi-ethnic society, ...

    Authors: QM van Dellen, WMC van Aalderen, PJE Bindels, FG Öry, J Bruil and K Stronks
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:380
  13. The Licensing Act 2003 (The Act) was implemented on the 24th November 2005 across England and Wales. The Act allowed more flexible and longer opening hours for licensed premises. We investigated the effect of ...

    Authors: AJ Durnford, TJ Perkins and JM Perry
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:379
  14. Racial and ethnic disparities in cervical cancer screening have been attributed to socioeconomic, insurance, and cultural differences. Our objective was to explore racial and ethnic differences in adherence to...

    Authors: Joseph S Ross, Marcella Nuñez-Smith, Beverly A Forsyth and Julie R Rosenbaum
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:378
  15. Since the 9/11 attack and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), the development of qualified and able public health leaders has become a new urgency in building the infrastructure needed to address public ...

    Authors: Chongjian Wang, Sheng Wei, Hao Xiang, Jing Wu, Yihua Xu, Li Liu and Shaofa Nie
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:377
  16. Ecstasy (MDMA, 3, 4-methylenodioxymethamphetamine) use is widespread in the Netherlands, with a lifetime prevalence of 4.3%, and two-thirds of dance party visitors being ecstasy users. However, research into D...

    Authors: Gjalt-Jorn Ygram Peters, Gerjo Kok and Herman P Schaalma
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:376
  17. Despite growing concern about illicit methadone use in the US and other countries, there is little data about the prevalence and correlates of methadone use in large urban areas. We assessed the prevalence and...

    Authors: Danielle C Ompad, Crystal M Fuller, Christina A Chan, Victoria Frye, David Vlahov and Sandro Galea
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:375
  18. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a socially relevant condition associated with biomechanical risk factors. We evaluated age-sex-specific incidence rates of in-hospital cases of CTS in central/northern Italy and...

    Authors: Stefano Mattioli, Alberto Baldasseroni, Stefania Curti, Robin MT Cooke, Antonella Bena, Giovanna de Giacomi, Marco dell'Omo, Pirous Fateh-Moghadam, Carla Melani, Marco Biocca, Eva Buiatti, Giuseppe Campo, Francesca Zanardi and Francesco S Violante
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:374
  19. Deliberate self-poisoning is a major public heath issue in developing countries. In rural Sri Lanka deliberate self-poisoning is one of the leading causes of hospital death. The majority of patients with poiso...

    Authors: Lalith Senarathna, Jon Adams, Dhammika De Silva, Nick A Buckley and Andrew H Dawson
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:373
  20. The epidemiological importance of varicella and zoster and the availability of an efficacious and safe vaccine have led to an important international debate regarding the suitability of mass vaccination. The o...

    Authors: Giovanni Gabutti, Maria C Rota, Marcello Guido, Antonella De Donno, Antonino Bella, Marta L Ciofi degli Atti and Pietro Crovari
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:372
  21. Exercise referral schemes (ERS) have become a popular way of promoting physical activity. The aim of these schemes is to encourage high risk patients to exercise. In evaluating these schemes, little attention ...

    Authors: Melanie Schmidt, Saida Absalah, Vera Nierkens and Karien Stronks
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:371
  22. The demographics and lifestyles of Canadians are changing, thereby influencing food choices and food preparation in the home. Although different dietary practices are associated with increased risk of foodborn...

    Authors: Andrea Nesbitt, Shannon Majowicz, Rita Finley, Frank Pollari, Katarina Pintar, Barbara Marshall, Angela Cook, Jan Sargeant, Jeff Wilson, Carl Ribble and Lewinda Knowles
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:370
  23. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine has undergone successful trials and has recently been approved for use for the primary prevention of cervical cancer. The aim of this study was to determine knowledge and at...

    Authors: Charlotte Devereaux Walsh, Aradhana Gera, Meeraj Shah, Amit Sharma, Judy E Powell and Sue Wilson
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:368
  24. Current physical activity guidelines acknowledge the importance of total health enhancing physical activity (HEPA) compared to leisure time physical activity or exercise alone. Assessing total HEPA may result ...

    Authors: Patrick Bergman, Andrej M Grjibovski, Maria Hagströmer, Adrian Bauman and Michael Sjöström
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:367
  25. The high prevalence of childhood obesity underscores the importance of monitoring population trends in children's activity and screen time, and describing associations with child age, gender, race/ethnicity, a...

    Authors: Sarah E Anderson, Christina D Economos and Aviva Must
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:366
  26. Drugs to protect the liver are frequently prescribed in some countries as part of treatment for tuberculosis. The biological rationale is not clear, they are expensive and may do harm. We conducted a systemati...

    Authors: Qin Liu, Paul Garner, Yang Wang, Binghua Huang and Helen Smith
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:365
  27. Oral health is basicly important for the well-being of people. Thus, it is strongly suggested to organize epidemiological surveys in order to gain representative data on oral condition of the given population....

    Authors: Melinda Madléna, Péter Hermann, Marianna Jáhn and Pál Fejérdy
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:364
  28. Female strangulation in South Africa occurs in a context of pervasive and often extreme violence perpetrated against women, and therefore represents a major public health, social and human rights concern. Sout...

    Authors: Shahnaaz Suffla, Ashley Van Niekerk and Najuwa Arendse
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:363
  29. The epidemic of HIV/AIDS and treatments that have emerged to alleviate, have brought about a shift in the burden of disease from death to quality of life/disability. The aim was to determine which factors are ...

    Authors: Clara Bermudez-Tamayo, Jose Jesus Martin Martin, Isabel Ruiz-Pérez and Antonio Olry de Labry Lima
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:362
  30. Dengue virus (DENV) affects nonimunne human populations in tropical and subtropical regions. In the Americas, dengue has drastically increased in the last two decades and Brazil is considered one of the most a...

    Authors: João B Siqueira-Junior, Ivan J Maciel, Christovam Barcellos, Wayner V Souza, Marilia S Carvalho, Nazareth E Nascimento, Renato M Oliveira, Otaliba Morais-Neto and Celina MT Martelli
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:361
  31. Human transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (HTSE), or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), is a group of rare and fatal diseases in central nervous system. Since outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (...

    Authors: Qi Shi, Chen Gao, Wei Zhou, Bao-Yun Zhang, Jian-Ming Chen, Chan Tian, Hui-Ying Jiang, Jun Han, Ni-Juan Xiang, Xiao-Fang Wang, Yong-Jun Gao and Xiao-Ping Dong
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:360
  32. Young breast cancer patients have a lower rate of survival than old breast cancer patients due to being diagnosed at advanced stages. Breast self-examination makes women more "breast aware", which in turn may ...

    Authors: Özgül Karayurt, Dilek Özmen and Aynur Çakmakçi Çetinkaya
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:359
  33. Insecticide treated nets (ITN) have been proven to be an effective tool in reducing the burden of malaria. Few randomized clinical trials examined the spatial effect of ITNs on child mortality at a high covera...

    Authors: Laura Gosoniu, Penelope Vounatsou, Adriana Tami, Rose Nathan, Hajo Grundmann and Christian Lengeler
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:356
  34. Tuberculosis (TB) detection under the national TB control program in China follows passive case-finding guidelines, which could be influenced by the accessibility of health service and patient's health-care se...

    Authors: Jianming Wang, Yang Fei, Hongbing Shen and Biao Xu
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:354
  35. Germany currently experiences a situation of major physician attrition. The incompatibility between work and family has been discussed as one of the major reasons for the increasing departure of German physici...

    Authors: Isabelle Fuß, Matthias Nübling, Hans-Martin Hasselhorn, David Schwappach and Monika A Rieger
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:353
  36. In order to screen for the most inactive individuals in the population and target health-related interventions where they are most needed it is important to assess different forms of physical activity in popul...

    Authors: Marita Södergren, Jan Sundquist, Sven-Erik Johansson and Kristina Sundquist
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:352
  37. People travelling abroad tend to increase their use of alcohol and other drugs. In the present study we describe organized party activities in connection with young tourists' drinking, and the differences betw...

    Authors: Morten Hesse, Sébastien Tutenges, Sanna Schliewe and Tine Reinholdt
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:351
  38. To assess the feasibility and uptake of a diabetes screening programme; to examine the effects of invitation to diabetes screening on anxiety, self-rated health and illness perceptions.

    Authors: Paul Park, Rebecca K Simmons, A Toby Prevost and Simon J Griffin
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:350
  39. The main cause of relapse in smokers attempting to quit is inability to resist urges to smoke. Pharmacotherapy ameliorates but does not entirely prevent urges to smoke when abstinent, so other methods to resis...

    Authors: Lemees Al-Chalabi, Neha Prasad, Lucy Steed, Sarah Stenner, Paul Aveyard, Jane Beach and Michael Ussher
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:349
  40. In 2007 Australia experienced its first outbreak of highly infectious equine influenza. Government disease control measures were put in place to control, contain, and eradicate the disease; these measures incl...

    Authors: Melanie R Taylor, Kingsley E Agho, Garry J Stevens and Beverley Raphael
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:347
  41. A number of studies have reported low uptake of cancer screening programmes by South Asian populations in the UK. However, studies to date have not adjusted findings for differences in demographics and socio-e...

    Authors: Ala Szczepura, Charlotte Price and Anil Gumber
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:346
  42. Dental epidemiology has indicated that immigrants and minority ethnic groups should be regarded as high risk populations on the verge of oral health deterioration. The objectives of this study were to measure ...

    Authors: Yuval Vered, Avi Zini, Alon Livny, Jonathan Mann and Harold D Sgan-Cohen
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:345
  43. Malaria control in remote, forested areas of the Mekong region relies on personal protection from mosquito bites. Uptake of these methods may be limited by knowledge of the link between mosquitoes and malaria ...

    Authors: Sarah J Moore, Xia Min, Nigel Hill, Caroline Jones, Zhang Zaixing and Mary M Cameron
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:344
  44. Research in infectious disease control is heavily skewed towards high end technology; development of new drugs, vaccines and clinical interventions. Oft ignored, is the evidence to inform the best strategies t...

    Authors: Pascale Allotey, Daniel D Reidpath, Hashim Ghalib, Franco Pagnoni and William C Skelly
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2008 8:343

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