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Table 2 selected search terms

From: The ticking time bomb in lifestyle-related diseases among women in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries; review of systematic reviews

Cardiovascular disease  
 (1) “Cardiovascular disease” OR “Epidemiology of cardiovascular disease” OR “Coronary heart disease” OR “epidemiology of coronary heart disease” OR “Vascular Diseases”  
CVD risk factors  
 (2) “Cardiovascular risk factor” OR “coronary heart disease risk factor” OR “stroke risk factors” OR “diabetes mellitus” OR “epidemiology of diabetes mellitus” OR “NIDDM” OR “dyslipidemia” OR “epidemiology of dyslipidemia” OR “hypercholesterolemia” OR “high cholesterol” OR “smoking” OR “tobacco use” OR “Hookah Smoking” OR “Waterpipe Smoking” OR “epidemiology of smoking” OR “hypertension” OR “high blood pressure” OR “epidemiology of hypertension” OR “obesity” OR “overweight” OR “BMI” OR “epidemiology of obesity” OR “physical activity” OR “exercise” OR “epidemiology of physical activity” OR “Metabolic Syndrome X” OR “Metabolic syndrome”  
The Gulf region  
 (3) “Gulf region” OR “Arab countries” OR” GCC” OR “Middle east” OR “Arabs” OR “Saudi Arabia” OR “Kuwait” OR “Oman” OR “Bahrain” OR “Qatar” OR “United Arab Emirates” OR “UAE”  
 (4) “Review, Multicase” OR “Review Literature” OR “Review, Academic” OR “Review, Systematic”
 (5) #1 AND #3
 (6) #2 AND #3
 (7) #3 AND #4
 (8) #1 AND #3 AND #4
 (9) #2 AND #3 AND #4