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Table 3 Effects of Interventions on Systolic Blood Pressure from the Difference-in-differences Model

From: Effects of integrated chronic care models on hypertension outcomes and spending: a multi-town clustered randomized trial in China

  (1) (2)
Integrated Care Model −4.77*** −1.93**
(0.85) (0.95)
Financial Contract Model −1.59*** −1.76***
(0.56) (0.53)
No. of observations 19,965 16,221
Time Trend Yes Yes
Data starting time Dec/2011 Jun/2012
  1. Notes: This table shows the marginal effects of the two interventions using a difference-in-differences model. Individual fixed effect and linear time trends are included to adjust for the non-parallel pre-intervention trend. Robust standard errors are in parentheses; *** denotes p < 0.01, ** denotes p < 0.05