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Table 1 Clinical criteria for eligibility

From: Design of a multi-site multi-state clinical trial of home monitoring of chronic disease in the community in Australia

Criteria Type Description
Age Inclusion 50 years old and over at consent.
Cognitive capacity Inclusion Abbreviated Mental Test (AMT) [23] score >7.
Unplanned acute admissions Inclusion A rate of unplanned acute admission with the required principal diagnosis code(s) indicated below:
a) ≥2 in the last 12 months, or
b) ≥4 in the previous 5 years.
ICD-10-AM principal diagnosis code(s) for each unplanned acute admission Inclusion Code(s) for each unplanned acute admission indicate a diagnosis for one or more of the following chronic conditions:
a) Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (J41 – J44, J47 and J20, with secondary diagnosis of J41-J44, J47),
b) Coronary Artery Disease (I20 – I25),
c) Hypertensive Diseases (I10 – I15, I11.9. Note: Hypertensive Heart Failure (I11.0) is included in Congestive Heart Failure),
d) Congestive Heart Failure (I11.0, I50, J81),
e) Diabetes (E10 - E14),
f) Asthma (J45).
Unsuitable conditions Exclusion The study team considers the presence of the following conditions to be unsuitable for participation in the study:
a) Any form of cancer,
b) Any neuromuscular disease
c) Any psychiatric conditions.
Care team Inclusion The eligible patients must be under the care of any of the following:
a) General Practitioner
b) Community Nurse
Care programs Inclusion Participation in one of the following government care programs:
a) Commonwealth Chronic Disease Management
b) Commonwealth Coordinated Veterans’ Care Program
c) NSW Connected Care Program
Unsuitable care programs Exclusion Participation in one of the following government care programs:
a) Commonwealth Extended Aged Care in the Home