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Table 1 Definitions of interventions considered regarding clean practices at birth and in the postnatal period

From: Clean birth and postnatal care practices to reduce neonatal deaths from sepsis and tetanus: a systematic review and Delphi estimation of mortality effect

1) Clean birth practices:
a. Place of birth (facility or home)
b. Hand washing (birth attendant before birth, with soap)
c. Clean perineum (washed prior to birth)
d. Clean birth surface (new/ clean plastic sheet or mat)
e. Cutting of the umbilical cord using a clean implement (new or boiled blade, or clean scissors)
f. Clean cord tying (using a new, clean thread to tie cord or cord clamp)
2) Hygienic cord and skin care (mainly postnatal):
a. Combined chlorhexidine cleansing of the birth canal prior to birth and/or full body newborn cleansing immediately after birth
b. Chlorhexidine to the cord
c. Other antimicrobial applications to the cord
d. Avoidance of harmful cord applications
e. Skin applications and emollients
3) Other clean postnatal newborn care practices:
a. Hand washing (maternal during the postnatal period, with soap)
b. Exclusive breast feeding (considered in a separate review)