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Table 1 Data collection schedule

From: Protocol of the baseline assessment for the Environments for Healthy Living (EHL) Wales cohort study

Gestational Environment Data
Questionnaire Income, employment, education, ethnicity, parity, home ownership, perceptions of home and neighbourhood quality, family dynamics, use of cleaning products in the home, smoking and alcohol consumption during pregnancy, supplements and medications taken during pregnancy, and plans and expectations for birth and feeding of baby
Anthropometric measurements Parental height, weight, skinfolds and mid-arm circumference
Accelerometer Physical activity of mother during pregnancy
Food diary Parental dietary habits during pregnancy, including consumption of fats, sugar and salt (compared with Recommended Daily Amount [RDA] guidelines)
Umbilical cord blood Immunological status of infant and antibodies from the mother
Postnatal Environment Data
Home assessment Hygiene, presence and extent of mould and/or damp, household hazards, safety features
Neighbourhood assessment Air quality, accessibility of local facilities, availability of green space, walkability, proximity to major sources of noise, perceptions of local safety and crime
Noise meters Noise levels in the home (parental bedroom)
Data Loggers Temperature and humidity (parental bedroom and living room)