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Associate Editor Acknowledgements

New Content ItemThe in-house Editors of BMC Public Health would like to warmly thank the Associate Editors for their invaluable assistance, whose hard work helped to shape the journal. The below mentioned Associate Editors handled the highest number of manuscripts in 2018. 

Petri Böckerman

Associate Editor for the Health behavior, health promotion and society section (joined in 2017).

Petri Böckerman, Professor of Health Economics, received his doctoral degree in economics from the Helsinki School of Economics in 2003. He has been researcher at Labour Institute for Economic Research since 1996. Böckerman is Research Fellow of IZA Institute of Labor Economics and Docent (Adjunct Professor) of Turku School of Economics and University of Tampere. He has served as scientific advisor of Yrjö Jahnsson Foundation (2016-2018). Böckerman is an Associate Editor for BMC Public Health and Academic Editor at PLoS ONE. His main research interests are empirical health and labor economics. Additional information can be found at:

Ziad El-Khatib

Associate Editor for the Global health section (joined in 2017).

Dr. Ziad El-Khatib is a senior epidemiologist at the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) in Austria. He also holds an affiliation as an Associate Professor in global health at the Department of Public Health Sciences at the Karolinska Institutet and as an Associate Professor at the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) in Rwanda. He is also an Adjunct Professor in World Health at the University of Québec at the Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT), Canada. He has a multidisciplinary background in biomedicine, IT, epidemiology and global health. His research interests include infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases and injuries, surveillance, mHealth and using large databases, such as the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD).

Florian Fischer

Associate Editor for the Global health section( joined in 2018).

Dr. Florian Fischer is an expert in issues related to public health with a background in epidemiology. Originally he was trained as a paramedic. Afterwards, he studied consecutively in a bachelor, master and doctoral program in public health at Bielefeld University. He is employed as a Research Associate at the School of Public Health at Bielefeld University. Dr. Fischer has been the scientific coordinator of an interdisciplinary graduate school on refugee health. His main research areas are global health, evidence-based public health, digitalization and health, and health communication.

Yuan-Pang Wang

Associate Editor for the Chronic disease epidemiology section (joined in 2012).

Dr. Yuan-Pang Wang is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Psychiatry, University of São Paulo Medical School. He works on the epidemiology of non-communicable diseases, global health and healthcare systems, validation of psychometric instruments, and has a special interest in applying multivariate latent models to understand the structure of mental disorders. He was named as one of the “New voices in Global Health” during the 2014 World Health Summit. He currently works on psychiatric aspects of morbid obesity and an epidemiological survey of disruptive behaviors in the elderly.

Ryan D. Burns

Associate Editor for the Energy balance-related behaviors section (joined in 2017).

Ryan D. Burns is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation within the College of Health at the University of Utah. His research interests include child and adolescent physical activity interventions, primarily in school-based settings, and the relationship between the engagement in health behaviors and academic performance. He also has interests in the application of statistical methods to model physical activity and health-related fitness data. Current funded projects include implementation evaluation of an after-school parent-child physical activity and mindfulness training intervention. He has over 70 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

José Tuells

Associate Editor for the Infectious disease epidemiology section (joined in 2017).

José Tuells (PhD, MD, MPH) is an epidemiologist, Professor of the University of Alicante (UA, Spain) and Director of the Balmis Chair in Vaccinology (UA). He is a member of various research groups in Public Health, History of Science, Vaccines and in the European Joint Action on Vaccination (EU-JAV project). He has held several positions as Director of the Public Health Area; Head of Service at the International Vaccination Centre; Head of the Preventive Medicine Service at the University Hospital of Vinalopo (Elche, Spain). His main research areas are epidemiology of immuno-preventable diseases, history of vaccinology, acceptability & hesitancy of vaccines and social vaccinology.

More information at: