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Table 2 Points of attention for policy makers

From: How do urban green spaces influence heat-related mortality in elderly? A realist synthesis

When thinking about UGS to address UHI, also think about their social function as it is intertwined with all pathways to health

To support the contribution of UGS to building social capital, next to a supporting design, infrastructure and facilities, measures focusing on social cohesion and place attachment, of ‘feeling at home’ are important: they reinforce the potential by increasing a positive perception of the neighborhood

For UGS to lead to social support, a better use of heat-coping strategies and effective lobbying for health-promoting measures for ALL elderly, attention should be paid to an inclusive social cohesion as well as the availability of the right health information and other resources

 • Polyvalence and measures that increase triangulation may contribute to this if one can ensure that different groups feel safe and at ease with each other

 • Information campaigns and other (heat) health programs may contribute to a correct risk perception and the right heat-coping strategies

 • Participation of elderly in the design may improve not only accessibility and but also acceptability and ‘feeling at home’