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Table 2 Overview of study participants in Dandé and Tenkodogo health Districts, Burkina Faso

From: Information System as part of epidemic management in Burkina Faso: from plan to reality (Field Findings)

Study Participants
Profiles Number included/total number
District Management Team (DMT)
District medical officer (MCD) 2/2
District’s health information and epidemiological surveillance officer (CISSE) 2/2
District hospital manager 1/2
Laboratory manager 2/2
Primary health care center staff (PHC)
Head nurse (ICP) 2/2
ICP colleagues (other health workers) 8/8
Community “rapporteurs“
Community based health worker (CBHW) 21/22
Community-based organization (CBO) animator 1/-
Community-based organization (CBO) monitoring and evaluation officers 2/-
Total 41