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Table 1 Demonstrating the outcome measures and the differing timepoints at which these are expected to be collected

From: Evaluating the impact of a novel behavioural science informed animation upon breast cancer screening uptake: protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Outcome Measure Definition Timepoint Collected (T0, Ti, Te)
Age Age at the time of the initial invitations To
Ethnicity Ethnicity code according to record based upon 2011 Census To
IMD Level of deprivation based upon postcode To
Appointment Type Open or timed invitation To
SMS allocation Usual Care, Behavioural SMS or Behavioural SMS with new video To
Location of invitation Location of screening service in which appointment is due within London To
Invitation designation First invitation or routine recall appointment To
Booked appointment Whether an open invitation has been booked Ti, Te
Attendance at appointment Whether an individual has attended the appointment Ti, Te
Message Sent Whether a message was sent or was unable to be sent (e.g. wrong number) Te
Perspectives upon novel video Collected via an online questionnaire available to participants allocated to the Behavioural SMS + video arm (questionnaire accessed on same webpage as video) Te
  1. T0 Baseline, Ti Time of Interim Analysis, Te Time of Endpoint Analysis