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Table 2 Task 1 Documenting VERB Summer Scorecard Materials and Audience

From: Evidence-Based Intervention (EBI) Mapping: a systematic approach to understanding the components and logic of EBIs

Material Audience
1. 2004 Scorecard At-Risk Population (“Tweens”, or youth ages 9–13 years)
2. 2005 Scorecard
3. Tween incentives
4. Vendor Recruitment Letter Environmental Change Agents (Business/facility managers)
5. VERB Logo-use Terms and Conditions
6. Designing a Successful VERB Scorecard Campaign in Your Community Implementers (Coalition Members)
7. Marketing Plan Concepts and Questions to Consider
8. Promoting Physical Activity in Community Settings: A Strategy Formation Workbook
9. Keep it Fun
10. Move Kids to Action
11. Having a Successful Physical Activity Event: Your Guide to Making Physical Activity Appealing to 9- to 13-Year-Olds
12. Event Logistics Guide: Planning a Community-Wide VERB Activity Zone Event
13. VERB Logo Files
14. Vendor Monitoring Forms (Six Word and PDF Versions)