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Table 3 The adapted Dreyfus scale for scoring REACT delivery fidelity

From: Delivery fidelity of the REACT (REtirement in ACTion) physical activity and behaviour maintenance intervention for community dwelling older people with mobility limitations

Competence Level Scoring Examples Delivery Fidelity Categories
Absence 0 Absence of feature and/ or highly inappropriate performance Low fidelity
Novice 1 Minimal use of feature and /or inappropriate performance Low fidelity
Advanced Beginner 2 ‘Scope for improvement’, alongside numerous minor and some major inconsistencies and/or problems Scope for Improvement
Competent 3 Competent, good features but some minor inconsistencies or problems Competent
Proficient 4 Very good features, but minimal inconsistencies or problems Proficient
Expert 5 Excellent features, no problems or inconsistencies Expert