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Table 1 Data Extraction Criteria

From: An analysis of English national policy approaches to health inequalities: ‘transforming children and young people’s mental health provision’ and its consultation process

Problem representation [1]
What is the ‘problem’ represented to be?
o How does the policy represent the problem under investigation?
o How has this representation come about?
o ‘The problem’ can be inferred from the proposed ‘solution’.
Assumptions underpinning the representation of the problem
o What are the presuppositions/ assumptions that underlie the representation and its concepts and categories?
Effects of problem representation
o What effects are produced by this representation of the ‘problem’?
What is left unproblematic and how might the policy response differ
o What is left unproblematic in this problem representation? Where are the silences?
o Can the ‘problem’ be conceptualized differently?
o What is left out of the problem representation?