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Table 8 Profile of in-depth interview informants (N = 16)

From: Association between time of residence and self-perception of distress, interpersonal relationships, and social role in Venezuelan immigrants in Lima, Peru 2018–19: mixed-methods study

Pseudonym Age Months in Peru Home state Occupation Education level
“Roberto” 25 16 Táchira Sales representative Higher education
“Samuel” 30 16 Capital District Call center operator Higher education
“Pablo” 19 11 Nueva Esparta Delivery driver Incomplete higher education
“Angela” 26 2 Carabobo Homemaker Higher education
“Mariana” 29 2 Anzoátegui Food stand vendor Incomplete higher education
“Ingrid” 26 4 Portuguesa Homemaker High school
“Micaela” 28 12 Trujillo Post-partum period, not searching for employment Higher education
“Juan” 38 9 Capital District Car washer Higher education
“Franco” 35 8 Monagas Car washer Higher education
“Adriana” 23 6 Anzoátegui Clothes vendor Higher education
“Carlos” 38 18 Bolívar Watchman Higher education
“Ana” 24 14 Carabobo Sales representative Higher education
“Yesenia” 31 18 Capital District Information technician Higher education
“Natalia” 21 13 Zulia Clothes vendor Higher education
“Chris” 23 8 Lara Beggar Incomplete higher education
“Antonio” 49 14 Carabobo Watchman Higher education