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Table 1 National list of essential public health services, 2018

From: Anatomy of intergovernmental finance for essential public health services in China

Item Eligible people
1. Personal health records All permanent residents
2. Health education All permanent residents
3. Vaccinations Children aged 0–6 years
4. Child healthcare and management Children aged 0–6 years
5. Maternity care and management Pregnant women
6. Aged care and management People aged 65 years or over
7. Management of chronic conditions Patients with hypertension and/or diabetes
8. Management of severe mental disorders Patients with severe mental illness
9. Management of tuberculosis Patients with tuberculosis
10. Use of traditional Chinese medicines for health maintenance Children aged 0–3 years and people aged 65 years or over
11. Reporting of and emergency response to infectious diseases All permanent residents
12. Supporting health inspection activities All permanent residents
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