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Table 2 Joanne Briggs Institute Critical Appraisal of Prevalence Studies

From: Do motorcycle helmets reduce road traffic injuries, hospitalizations and mortalities in low and lower-middle income countries in Africa? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Criteria Factors associated with severity of road traffic injuries
(Mogaka et al. 2011 [31])
Motorcycle injuries in a developing country and the vulnerability of riders, passengers, and pedestrians (Solagberu et al. 2006 [19]) Motorcycle injuries in North-Central Nigeria (Nwadiaro et al. 2011 [8]) Motorcycle-related maxillofacial injuries among Nigerian intracity road users
(Oginni et al. 2006 [32])
Patterns of morbidity and mortality amongst motorcycle riders and their passengers in Benin-City Nigeria: one-year review
(Nzegwu et al. 2008 [37])
Road traffic injuries in Kenya: a survey of commercial motorcycle drivers (Matheka et al. 2015 [33])
1. Was the sample frame appropriate to address the target population? Yes No No No No No
2. Were study participants recruited in an appropriate way? No No No Yes No No
3. Was the sample size adequate? No No No No No Unclear
4. Were the study subjects and setting described in detail? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5. Was data analysis conducted with sufficient coverage of the identified sample? Yes No Unclear No No Yes
6. Were valid methods used for the identification of the condition? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
7. Was the condition measured in a standard, reliable way for all participants? Yes Yes Unclear Yes Unclear Yes
8. Was there appropriate statistical analysis? Yes Unclear Yes Yes Unclear Yes
9. Was the response rate adequate, and if not, was the low response ate managed appropriately? Yes Yes Unclear Unclear Unclear Yes
Overall Rating 7 out of 9 4 out of 9 3 out of 9 5 out of 9 2 out of 9 5 out of 9
Overall Appraisal Include Exclude Exclude Include Exclude Include