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Table 3 Analysis table for primary and secondary analyses

From: Protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial of secondary distribution of hepatitis C self-testing within the context of a house-to-house hepatitis C micro-elimination programme in Karachi, Pakistan

  Favourable; test completed Non-favourable; test not completed Total
Test result and consequence 1 Positive and referred to further testing Positive and not referred to further testing negative No result   
Test result and consequence 2 Positive and treated Positive and not treated
Study arm Intervention a b c d e (a + b + c + d + e)
Control f g h i j (f + g + h + i + j)
Total (a + b + c + e + f + g + h + i) (e + j) total
  1. The consequences (referred, treated) will be analysed independently of each other