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Table 4 Primary sources of organic data relevant to the determinants of obesity

From: Data sources for precision public health of obesity: a scoping review, evidence map and use case in Queensland, Australia

#: Data owner/ organisation: Data source name (design type & availability) Sample size Frequency of collection
Queensland Health: ieMR EMR, Gov  ~ 5 M Routine
Garmin, Fitbit, Apple: Digital health wearables mH, Gov n/a Routine
Google: Google Maps G, Pub n/a Daily-3yrs
Queensland Police: Crime Map A, Pub n/a Daily
Australian Government. Department of Health: Billing/claims (MBS and PBS) A, Pub n/a Routine
  1. EMR Electronic medical records, mH mHealth, G Geographical, A Administrative data, Gov Governed, Pub Public, n/a Not available