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Table 1 Determinants of health relevant for obesity prevention

From: Data sources for precision public health of obesity: a scoping review, evidence map and use case in Queensland, Australia

Level I Determinant of obesity Level II Sub-determinant of obesity
Social Housing Employment
Income Education
Marital status Family size/structure
Ethnicity Religion
Child development Domestic violence and personal safety
Biomedical SexR Chronic diseases
WeightR, heightR, weight statusC AgeR
Waist circumferenceR Body Mass Index (BMI)C
Disability Blood pressureR
Birth weightR Maternal weight status (BMI)C
Rapid infant weight gainC Mental health
Family medical history Medication
Behavioural Dietary patterns Physical activity
Breastfeeding Smoking
Sleep Alcohol consumption
Parenting practices Responsive feeding
Environmental Geographical location (rurality) Transport system
Food availability Time commuting
Access to technology/Internet access/connection Access to health services
Green and open spaces Density and type of food outlet
Residential density Geographical location/crime
Commercial Marketing Food advertising
Food processing Nutrition labelling
Affordability Price Index
  1. BMI Body Mass Index
  2. Rraw elements
  3. Ccomputed elements