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Table 2 Main categories within corona topic

From: Detecting changes in help seeker conversations on a suicide prevention helpline during the COVID− 19 pandemic: in-depth analysis using encoder representations from transformers

COVID-19 related problem Example chat message
Loneliness The loneliness has become worse because of corona.
No distractions / lack of structure I also don’t have a lot of distraction now because everything is closed due to corona.
Change in regular care It seems to get more difficult in this corona period because ...
Feeling of getting locked up … a fear getting stuck at home because of corona.
Fear of the virus … with my fear of germs this whole corona situation is a nightmare come true.
Difficult situation at home … and because of corona I work from home, it’s so stressful, and also not the best with my family.
(Threat of) unemployment I was fired from my other job because of corona.
Increase of fear and depression Due to this whole corona situation my anxiety is flaring up.
Concerns about somebody else And I’m not allowed to go near my grandparents because my granddad has […] and if he gets corona he will not survive
Alcohol and drug abuse With corona it’s worse than usual. I’m constantly worrying and then I drink […]