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Table 9 Selected WHO policy guidance recommendationsa for immunization compared to country policy guidance

From: Keeping essential reproductive, maternal and child health services available during COVID-19 in Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda and Zimbabwe: analysis of early-pandemic policy guidelines

WHO recommendation Related Guidance in Country Policies
Kenya Mozambique Uganda Zimbabwe
Train staff on IPC and delivery protocols Not mentioned Not mentioned Health workers to follow IPC procedures during service provision Health workers to follow IPC procedures during service provision
Provide facilities with adequate IPC equipment, including for waste management Not mentioned Personal protective equipment (PPE) provided, no mention of waste management Use PPE, waste management procedures enforced IPC equipment provided and waste management to be followed
Plan several small sessions per day at different times to limit contact Not mentioned Not mentioned Immunize in groups no larger than five mother–child pairs Schedule smaller, more frequent sessions; bundle immunization into other essential preventative health services
Limit the duration of stay in the health facility Not mentioned Not mentioned Not mentioned Not mentioned
Modify session locations to ensure separation of immunization services from treatment areas Not mentioned Outdoor or open spaces must be used for congregation, designated waiting areas Use dedicated immunization clinics or separate spaces in health care facility Use outdoor spaces and separate spaces in facility
Establish a screening process before allowing entry to the vaccination area Not mentioned Not mentioned Triage clients and caregivers for symptoms and risk factors Triage all clients entering health facility (not specific to vaccination area)
For outreach and mobile services, proactively engage with communities to identify open sites that allow physical distancing Not mentioned Not mentioned Not mentioned Not mentioned
Specific adaptations for birth doses and school-based vaccinationa [27] Not mentioned Not mentioned School-based campaigns temporarily suspended Not mentioned
  1. aMaintaining essential health services: operational guidance for the COVID-19 context (WHO, June 2020) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Immunization in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic (UNICEF, 2020)