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Table 8 Factors related to continuing services versus preventing COVID-19 in immunization policy guidance

From: Keeping essential reproductive, maternal and child health services available during COVID-19 in Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda and Zimbabwe: analysis of early-pandemic policy guidelines

  Continuity of Services Prevention of COVID-19 Transmission
  Immunization “catch ups” after COVID-19 IEC communication campaigns Outreach services
Kenya Community Health Services VHWs to refer children who have not received scheduled vaccines to a health facility Not mentioned Immunization outreach services are suspended; immunization will be offered in health facilities only
Mozambique EPI Circular Restructuring facility-based vaccination services to minimize opportunities for transmission. Integration of vaccinations into well-child visits to reduce missed opportunities. Community radio shows will be used to share information on continuing need for child immunization and new health system approach to provision of the EPI program. Immunization outreach suspended (mobile brigades, community campaigns); immunization services will be offered in health facilities only
Uganda Continuity of Essential Health Services No change in the schedule of immunizations. Monitoring and contact tracing of children who miss vaccinations.
“Mop-up” vaccination campaigns recommended post-COVID-19.
Radio and social media platforms to disseminate information about health service delivery Mass vaccination campaigns are suspended
Zimbabwe RMNCAH-N Guidelines Catch-up vaccination planned for children who missed vaccinations during lockdown period Mass media programs to promote safety of vaccinations Outreach efforts to continue, using guidance on the safe provision of services. Community campaigns may continue with smaller but more frequent sessions outdoors with high-risk populations.