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Table 2 Factors related to continuing services versus preventing COVID-19 in FP policy guidance

From: Keeping essential reproductive, maternal and child health services available during COVID-19 in Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda and Zimbabwe: analysis of early-pandemic policy guidelines


Continuation of Services

Prevention of COVID-19 Transmission


Multimonth dispensing


Outreach FP events or services

Community-based distribution of FP

Changes to facility-based services

Selected methods discouraged / temporarily suspended

Removal of long-acting and reversible contraceptives (LARCs)

Kenya RMNFP Guidelines

3-month supply of oral contraceptives (OCs), contraceptive skin patches

Tele-consults recommended for low-risk clients for condoms, OCs, and contraceptive skin patches

Outreach events suspended

Community-based distribution continues but limited to condoms and pills

Group counseling suspended immediately

Bi-tubal ligation and vasectomy services suspended or postponed

Removal of LARCs can be postponed as long as method within a safe period of expiration

Kenya Community Health Services

Not mentioned

Refills, counseling, SMS reminders to be provided by phone

Not mentioned

Not mentioned

Not mentioned

Not mentioned

Not mentioned

Mozambique Mitigation Circular

3-month supply for new users; 6-month supply for subsequent consultations

Telephone calls to be used for “as many services as possible”

Not mentioned

Home visits suspended

Not mentioned

No suspension of methods; all long-term methods to be offered at all times

Not mentioned

Uganda Continuity of Essential Health Services

3-month supply of OCs, DMPA-SC

Contacting client whose methods are expiring or village health workers (VHWs) to support them by phone

Outreach activities should be discontinued if evidence of community transmission

Community-based distribution should be maintained

Not mentioned

Provision of all modern contraceptives should be maintained

Not mentioned

Zimbabwe RMNCAH-N Guidelines

3-month supply of OCs

Not mentioned

Outreach services temporarily suspended, targeted outreach activities may be held at discretion of MOH

Outreach and related activities are suspended – Community based distributors or community health workers are to stay home and provide condoms only

Not mentioned

No methods are discouraged. Use of fertility awareness methods like standard days method or lactational amenorrhea method encouraged

Removal of LARCs conducted at facilities as possible; women who select unavailable methods to be contacted when these methods become available