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Table 3 Implementation of the protection system against customer bullying according to the latent profile type model

From: Analysis of latent profiles and affected factors according to the implementation of a protection system against customer bullying in Korea

Characteristics Lagging type (Type 1) Medium type (Type 2) Relative preventive type (Type 3) Excellent type (Type 4) F(p)
(N = 1,021) (N = 210) (N = 230) (N = 76)
Preventive management 0.2±0.4a 1.8±1.0b 2.3±1.2c 2.5±0.5d 1161.456(<.001)
Follow-up support 0.1±0.4a 1.4±0.9c 0.4±0.6b 3.3±0.8d 1017.254 (<.001)
Authorization 0.1±0.3a 1.5±0.6b 0.2±0.4a 2.7±0.5c 1779.022 (<.001)
Infrastructure establishment 0.2±0.6a 2.0±1.4c 0.5±0.8b 5.1±1.1d 1009.973 (<.001)
Welfare promotion 0.4±0.8a 2.0±1.2c 1.2±1.1b 3.4±1.5d 369.186(<.001)
  1. Values with superscript letters a,b, c and d are significantly different acorss rows(p<.05)