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Table 1 Content of the mandatory training and enrichment workshops

From: The effects of involvement in training and volunteering with families of people with dementia on the knowledge and attitudes of volunteers towards dementia

Topic (n = number of attendees) Speaker background Key content
Mandatory training workshop
 Session 1: Understanding cognitive impairment (n = 107) Gerontological nursing scientist •Introduction of the project
•Symptoms of cognitive impairment
•Normal ageing and cognitive impairment
•Communication skills and activity leading skills
•Initial management for behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia
•Building rapport with the clients
•Anticipated difficulties
 Session 2–5: Practical skills for leading music-with-movement intervention (n = 107) Registered music therapist 1st hour:
•Experience the music-with-movement intervention as the clients to be served
2nd hour:
•Choice of music genres
•Safety measures
•Design of movement
•Props to be used
Enrichment workshops
 1. Neuropsychiatric symptoms of dementia and the sharing of volunteer experiences (n = 50) Gerontological nursing scientist •Common neuropsychiatric symptoms of dementia
•Management strategies
•Difficulties anticipated during the home visits and solutions
 2. Interior design principles of a home for people with dementia (n = 16) Gerontological nursing scientist •Home safety
•Cognitive symptoms and environment
•Principles of interior design for people with cognitive impairment
 3. A mindfulness-based intervention for caregivers (n = 25) Mindfulness practitioner •Stress of caregivers
•Mindfulness thinking and our brain
•Mindfulness practices
 4. Stretching exercises (n = 14) Physiotherapist •Stress and exercises
•Practices of stretching exercises
 5. Reminiscence for older people with dementia (n = 15) Social worker •What is reminiscence
•Reminiscence activities for older people
 6. Emotional support to caregivers (n = 5) Social worker •Caregiver burden
•Community services available in Hong Kong
•Basic counselling techniques
 7. Zen drawing for stress reduction (n = 19) Activity worker •Benefits of Zen drawing
•Zen drawing practices
 8. Site walk: Technology for older people with dementia (n = 5) Social worker •Introduction to the services and facilities of a new center
 9. Breathing exercise (n = 23) Activity worker •Stress and breathing exercises
•Practice breathing exercises
 10. Mental health (n = 10) Social worker •Common caregivers mental health problems
•Strategies to promote mental health