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Table 1 Categories of teacher-specific activities

From: Teachers’ working time as a risk factor for their mental health - findings from a cross-sectional study at German upper-level secondary schools

Category Description
 Lessons Number of lessons
 Substitute lessons Number of lessons substituting for colleagues
Teaching-related activities
 Preparation / follow-up Preparation (e.g. class tests, exams) and follow-up time of lessons
Corrections / marks Correction and grading of pupils’ work (e.g. exams, homework)
 Projects / excursions Implementation of projects, excursions, class trips, pupil exchanges
Non-teaching activities
 Pupils / parents Extracurricular work with pupils (e.g. pupil counselling, conversations regarding pupil education, communication) and co-operation with parents
 Administration Administrative tasks and organisational matters (e.g. certifications, planning of events, school trips or projects, orders)
 Colleagues / teamwork Teamwork and dialogue with colleagues, co-operation with colleagues
 Inclusion Tasks within the scope of pupils’ inclusion
 Integration Tasks within the scope of pupils’ integration
 Supervision Supervision times during breaks
 All other tasks All-day school activities, evaluations, safety, trainings, mentoring, commission memberships, staff council activities