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Table 2 Salient beliefs elicited about e-cigarette use

From: Employing the theory of planned behaviour to design an e-cigarette education resource for use in secondary schools

Attitudinal Beliefs
 • A healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes
 • A cheaper alternative to smoking cigarettes
 • Less addictive than smoking cigarettes
 • A fun thing to do
 • A safer alternative to smoking cigarettes
 • Helping to quit smoking
 • Preventing the smell of smoke
Normative Beliefs
 • My friends
 • My parents
 • Other members of my family
 • My teachers
 • My coaches
Control Beliefs
 • Being in the company of my friends who own an e-cigarette
 • Curiosity of trying an e-cigarette
 • Providing me with the opportunity of looking cool
 • Having friends who use an e-cigarette
 • Having my parents’ permission to use an e-cigarette
 • Knowing they are against the law would prevent use
 • Not having enough money to buy an e-cigarette
 • Adhering to the school rules regarding e-cigarette use
 • Not owning an e-cigarette
 • Knowledge around long term impact on health
 • Getting into trouble with my parents