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Table 1 Food measurements and scoring dimensions in the Chile version of the Food Environment Measurement Survey for Stores (NEMS-CHILE)

From: Adaption and reliability of the Nutrition Environment Measures for stores (NEMS-S) instrument for use in urban areas of Chile

Type of food Availability Quality Comparative price Variety
GROUP 1: Natural or minimally processed foods
Fresh fruits X X   X
Fresh vegetables X X   X
Lean meat X    
Chicken X    
Fresh sea products X    
Legumes X    X
Oleaginous fruits X    
Potato X    
Rice X   X  
Liquid milk x   X  
GROUP 2: Processed culinary ingredients
Oil X   X  
Butter X    
Wheat flour x   X  
GROUP 3: Processed foods
Canned seafood X    
Yogurt X   X  
Dried noodles X   X  
Wholemeal bread X   X  
Cheeses and derivatives X   X  
Processed oleaginous fruits X    
GROUP 4: Ultra-processed food products
Sausages X    
Jams X    
Soda (carbonated drinks) X    
Juices X    
Processed fat X    
Breakfast cereals X    
Biscuits X    
White bread X    
  1. X Score dimensions