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Table 1 Stage three Delphi survey statements

From: A core outcome set for randomised controlled trials of physical activity interventions: development and challenges

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement:
Device-based level of physical activity
 Raw accelerometer data should be collected and made publicly accessible to maximise the potential for future data analysis and thus, the ability to compare data across studies.
 Physical activity-related energy expenditure is the key construct to measure using devices that assess physical activity in future public health trials.
Health-related quality of life
 The EQ-5D is the most appropriate measure for health-related quality of life for inclusion in a core outcome set for physical activity trials.
Satisfaction with the intervention
 ‘Satisfaction with the intervention’ is an essential domain for a core outcome set for physical activity trials.
 (Only asked if the participant agreed with the inclusion of the outcome domain) There is no suitable measure to assess ‘satisfaction with the intervention’ in physical activity trials.