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Table 5 Variables in the main effects model

From: Who gets vaccinated in a measles-rubella campaign in Nepal?: results from a post-campaign coverage survey

1. Program intervention: Caregiver knew about Campaign
2. Geographic area or setting:
 2.1. Urban/rural Cluster
 2.2. Province of residence
 2.3. Ecological Belt
3. Caregiver individual characteristics:
 3.1. Highest level of caregiver Education (3 groups) - Did not disclose or less than Primary, Primary, More than Primary
4. Ethno-religious group characteristic:
 4.1. Ethnic Group
5. Family characteristics:
 5.1. Source of Income
 5.2. Someone in family works abroad
 5.3. Number of Family Members in household
 5.4. Number of Children 9–59-month-old in household
6. Individual child characteristic: Child Age Group [This variable was not originally in the multivariate model. But after testing its significance with the preliminary main effects model, was found to be significant and thus entered the final main effects model.]