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Table 3 Mapping of topics onto COM-B framework

From: Facilitators and barriers to compliance with COVID-19 guidelines: a structural topic modelling analysis of free-text data from 17,500 UK adults

Topic Capability Motivation Opportunity
Physical Psychological Reflective Autonomic Physical Social
F1 Catching and transmitting COVID    X    
F2 Protecting high risk    X    X
F3 Public information   X X    
F4 Following the rules     X   
F5 Social responsibility    X X   
F6 Protecting vulnerable    X    X
F7 Reminders and accessibility     X X  
F8 Safety of loved ones    X X   
F9 Return to normality    X    
F10 Working from home / support bubbles      X  
F11 Activities and Zoom   X    X X
F12 COVID symptoms    X   X  
F13 Protecting the NHS    X    
F14 Miscellaneous themes       
B1 Others invading space      X  
B2 Issues with masks and sanitiser X      
B3 Mental health and family support   X     X
B4 Special circumstances     X   X
B5 Following the guidelines    X X   
B6 Missing family and friends    X   X X
B7 Lack of trust in government    X    
B8 Workplace issues      X  
B9 Perceiving the risks as low    X    
B10 Social norms and social pressures       X
B11 Complexity of rules   X     
B12 Loneliness    X    
B13 Geographical variation in rules   X     
B14 Confusion around rules   X