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Table 1 The initially determined information framework for input and management

From: Development and utility of a close contact information management system for the COVID-19 pandemic

  System function Main modules/themes Concrete content Remarks
Stage 1 1. Information collection (1) Location Management unit; The district/county where the unit is located  
(2) Basic information of close contact Number, Name; ID card; Gender; Age; Occupation; Residence address; Work unit and address; Telephone number  
(3) Epidemiological information (mainly about the relationship to the case) Name of case; ID card of case; Relationship to the case; The location of contact, The manner of contact, The means of transportation used at the time of contact; Frequency of contact, Date of last contact; Date to be discharged  
(4) Management information of close contact Quarantine or not; The method of quarantine; The date of quarantine; The location of quarantine  
(5) Laboratory results and prognosis Time of sampling, Test result, Onset or not, Symptoms, Prognosis  
2. Information processing (1) Basic module Input (a single message), Modify, Delete (a single message), Query, Export To reduce the likelihood of errors, the system restricts the permission of batch entry and batch deletion.
(2) Information transfer module Transfer in, Transfer out, Share  
(3) Authority module For example, the information turnover between two district-level CDCs in the same city needs to be reviewed and approved by the city-level CDC, and the information turnover between district-level CDCs in two cities needs to be reviewed and approved by both the city-level CDCs of the two cities and their common province-level CDC.