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Table 1 Ovid MEDLINE All search strategy, subsequently translated to other databases and executed on January 23, 2020

From: Women’s experiences of safety apps for sexualized violence: a narrative scoping review

1 exp Intimate Partner Violence/
2 exp Sex Offenses/
3 (anti-abuse or anti-assault or anti-harassment or anti-rape or anti-victim* or anti-violence).ti,ab,kw,kf.
4 ((dating or domestic or gender* or partner* or relationship* or wom#n or sex*) adj2 (abuse* or assault* or violence)).ti,ab,kw,kf.
5 (intimate partner violence or ipv).ti,ab,kw,kf.
6 (rape or rapes or raped or rapist* or raping).ti,ab,kw,kf.
7 (sex* adj2 coerc*).ti,ab,kw,kf.
8 (sex* adj2 (force* or unwanted or unwelcome)).ti,ab,kw,kf.
9 (sex* adj2 harass*).ti,ab,kw,kf.
10 (sex* adj2 victimi*).ti,ab,kw,kf.
11 (unwanted pursuit or unwanted online pursuit).ti,ab,kw,kf.
12 (wom#n adj4 (safety or security)).ti,ab,kw,kf.
13 or/1-12
14 Mobile Applications/
15 (app or apps).ti,ab,kw,kf.
16 (application* adj4 (android or cell* or iphone* or mobile or smart phone* or smartphone*)).ti,ab,kw,kf.
17 or/14-16
18 13 and 17