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Table 3 Sexual network characteristics of the FSWs (N=615)

From: Determinants of safe sexual behavior of female sex workers in Tehran: the woman, her network, and the sexual partner

Characteristics N (%) or Mean (SD) Min-Max
Sexual network size 3.6 (SD=1.0) 1-8
Sexual network density 0.5 (SD=0.3) 0-1
Multiplexity Yes 175 (28%)  
No 440 (72%)  
Duration of tie (Month) 47.2 (SD=44.3) 1-408
Frequency of contact in the last month 14.1 (SD=11.9) 1-30
Social support 3.0 (SD=1.1) 0-5
Intimacy 4.1 (SD=0.9) 0-5
Drug or alcohol use before or with sex
Yes 260 (42%)a  
No 353 (58%)  
Perceived safe sex norm 34.7 (SD=10.4) 17-34
  1. aDrug or alcohol use before or with sex data was missing for two participants (N=613)