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Table 5 Behaviour Change Techniques (BCTs) with theoretical links to key Mechanism of Actions (MoAs) for women accessing contraception

From: Enabling women to access preferred methods of contraception: a rapid review and behavioural analysis

BCT with theoretical links Number of MoAs
Information about health consequences 4
Information about social and environmental consequences 3
Pros and cons 3
Credible source 2
Salience of consequences 2
Social support (practical) 2
Adding objects to the environment 1
Anticipated regret 1
Avoidance/reducing exposure to cues for the behaviour 1
Biofeedback 1
Comparative imagining of future outcomes 1
Framing/reframing 1
Incentive (outcome) 1
Information about antecedents 1
Information about emotional consequences 1
Information about others’ approval 1
Instruction on how to perform behaviour 1
Material incentive (behaviour) 1
Prompts/cues 1
Remove aversive stimulus 1
Restructuring the physical environment 1
Restructuring the social environment 1
Reward (outcome) 1
Social comparison 1
Social reward 1
Social support (unspecified) 1