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Table 3 Missed opportunities for interventions to support women with contraception based on intervention function

From: Enabling women to access preferred methods of contraception: a rapid review and behavioural analysis

MoA (COM-B) Education Training Persuasion Modelling Enablement Incentivisation Coercion Environmental Restructuring Restriction
Environmental Context and Resources (Physical opportunity)   x      
Social Influences (Social opportunity)     x   
Beliefs about Consequences (Reflective motivation)   x      
Knowledge (Psychological capability)         
Attitude towards the behaviour (Automatic motivation and reflective motivation) x x x x  
General Attitudes / Beliefs (Themes identified in this review were linked to reflective and automatic motivation) x x x x  
Perceived susceptibility / vulnerability (Automatic motivation and reflective motivation) x x x x  
Values (Automatic motivation, reflective motivation and social opportunity) x x x x
  1. = Theoretically linked and interventions identified
  2. x = Theoretically linked but no intervention identified (missed opportunities)