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Table 1 Coding framework for stigmatizing content

From: Stigma toward Wuhan people during the COVID-19 epidemic: an exploratory study based on social media

Stigma Type Definition Example
 Infectious Wuhan people are infectious. People in Wuhan now are mobile viruses. I suggest all the Wuhan people should be isolated.
 Irresponsible The spread of the virus or the spread of the epidemic is due to the irresponsibility of the Wuhan people. If the Wuhan people had taken their responsibility and stopped going everywhere, the epidemic would be better than now!
 Stupid The outbreak was caused by the ignorance and stupidity of the Wuhan people, or it was caused by some backward or uncivilized habits of the Wuhan people. I used to say that the Cantonese people are barbaric to eat all kinds of wild animals, but now it seems that the Wuhan people have a better appetite than Cantonese.