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Table 1 Model parameters, assumptions, and references

From: Effect of public health interventions during the first epidemic wave of COVID-19 in Cyprus: a modelling study




Cyprus population



Incubation period

5 days


Latent period+

4 days (e.g., 1 day prior to the occurrence of symptom)


Duration of infectious period until recovery

6 days


Duration from the development of symptoms to recovery

5 days


Median length of stay in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) bed

13.5 days


Disease mortality in ICU


[4, 20]

Proportion of infections that will be either asymptomatic or mild (Fm)

Proportion of infections that will progress to severe disease (Fs)

Proportion of infections that will progress to critical disease (Fc)

Fm = 86.0%

Fs = 11.5%

Fc = 2.5%

Fit to the observed deaths, hospitalized cases, and use of ICU beds

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of ICU and non-ICU stay

15 days

20 days