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Table 1 Diagnoses related to COVID-19

From: Recurrent sick leave after COVID-19: investigating the first wave of the pandemic in a comprehensive Swedish registry-based study

Diagnoses related to COVID-19 ICD codes
Acute bronchitis J20.9
Acute lower respiratory infection J22, J22.9
Acute laryngopharyngitis/acute upper respiratory infection J06, J06.8, J06.9
Acute laryngitis J04.0
Asthma J45, J45.9
Acute sinusitis J01.9
Influenza due to unidentified influenza virus J11, J11.8
Chronic tonsillitis J35.0
Viral infection B34.2, B34.8, B34.9, B34-P
Sequelae of infectious and parasitic disease* B94
Postviral fatigue syndrome* G93.3
Fever R50.9
Malaise and fatigue R53, R53.9
Headache R51.9
Haemoptysis R04.2
Deep vein thrombosis* Z86.7B
Family history of asthma and other chronic lower respiratory disease Z82.5
Nonrheumatic aortic (valve) insufficiency* I35.1
Anxiety disorder* F41.0, F41.9, F41.9P
Reaction to stress* F43.0, F43.8, F43.8A
Depressive disorder* F32.1, F32.9
  1. Abbreviation: ICD International Statistical Classification of Diseases
  2. *  =  related to COVID-19 only if it was registered after the COVID-19 diagnosis (U07)