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Table 2 Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

From: Examining the effectiveness of place-based interventions to improve public health and reduce health inequalities: an umbrella review

Inclusion Exclusion
1. The publication is a systematic review, as defined in DARE criteria. 1. The publication is not a systematic review.
2. The publication includes interventions/policies in countries defined at least once since 2008 as a high-income country by the World Bank. 2. The publication was published, or intervention delivered, before 2008 or in a low-, lower-middle, or upper-middle income country.
3. The publication covers primary prevention local or regional public health interventions affecting change in one or more of the key elements of place as defined in PICOS. 3. The publication covers individual behaviour change, clinical, treatment or national-level interventions/policies.
4. The publication reports health (including health behaviours or factors associated with social determinants of health) or health inequalities outcomes in and between populations, disaggregated by one or more of the PROGRESS+ factors as defined in PICOS. 4. The publication does not include a relevant overall health outcome or disaggregated data by or between population groups.