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Table 1 Number of MDS 2004–13 VA records with initial physician agreement for ages 1–59 months across six infectious causes of death

From: Comparison of machine learning algorithms applied to symptoms to determine infectious causes of death in children: national survey of 18,000 verbal autopsies in the Million Death Study in India

Cause of death (CoD) Disease code ICD-10 codes Number of cases % cases
Pneumonia Pneum A37, J00-J06, J09-J18, J20-J22, J32, J36, J85, J86, P23, U04 5733 43
Diarrhoeal diseases Diar A00-A09 4897 37
Malaria Mal B50-B54 860 7
Fever of unknown origin Fouo R50 754 6
Meningitis/encephalitis Men A39, A81-A89, G00-G09 490 4
Measles Meas B01, B05 482 4
Total   All above codes 13,216