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Table 1 Activities and assignments in the WASH UP! curriculum supporting the learning objective of children acting as agents of changea

From: The potential of school-based WASH programming to support children as agents of change in rural Zambian households

Session Key Messages Supporting Activities
1 • Introduce Raya and Elmo, the characters in the storybook
• Introduce all learning objectives
• Teacher reads story of Elmo and Raya out loud to the class
• Students are asked to teach someone at home one of the messages about healthy behaviors from the story
5 • Practice the healthy behaviors discussed in WASH UP!
• Everyone is a teacher
• Students are asked to teach peers about healthy behaviors learned during WASH UP! during the session
• Students are asked to teach a family member one of the healthy behaviors learned during WASH UP! after school
6 • Always wash your hands with soap after using the latrine
• Washing your hands with soap will remove germs
• Scrub between your fingers, on the front of the hand, and the back of the hand
• Students are asked to teach someone at home the handwashing song taught in class
• Learning object was sent home with students to share with their caregivers
11 • Review ways to keep your school and home clean • Students are told to tell someone at home about their “healthy superstar adventures”
12 • Review the different places, people, and activities that contribute to their health
• Review the role of students in making sure the school environment is healthy and safe
• Students promise to continue taking care of their school toilets, water source, and handwashing stations
• Students promise to continue teaching their friends about how to stay healthy and safe
  1. a A full list of activities, assignments, and learning objectives in the curriculum is provided in SI, Tables S2 and S3