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Table 3 Themes on water quality in Wilcox County, Alabama in 2016 focus groups

From: A community-engaged approach to understanding environmental health concerns and solutions in urban and rural communities

Topics Themes
Reason(s) persist Unresponsive authorities and county commission issues (4 groups)
Lack of knowledge/information/resources (3 groups)
Money issues (2 groups)
Residents are disenfranchised, low voter turnout (2 groups)
Water pipe located far away (1 group)
Distrust of government (1 group)
Personal issues (1 group)
Racism (1 group)
Solutions at individual level Pressure/contact the government (5 groups)
Attend county commission meetings, water board meetings (4 groups)
Avoid using county water, use bottled water (2 groups)
Boil water or use distilleries (2 groups)
Collect evidence of racism/unequal treatment (1 group)
Pray (1 group)
Solutions at community level Petition/protest/raise awareness (5 groups)
Build trust in/unite/engage the community (3 groups)
Organize community meetings (3 groups)
Provide resources, training, education (2 groups)
Get the news involved (1 group)
Provide general fund (1 group)
Solutions at government level Provide grants for installing and improving septic systems, be transparent on how money is spent (5 groups)
Test water and distribute findings (3 groups)
County commission act (2 groups)
Create water authority (2 groups)
Improve septic system, fix water pipes (2 groups)
Come up with solution (1 group)
Have commission meetings at convenient times (1 group)
Stop over-chlorinating water (1 group)
Work with local government (1 group)