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Table 1 Chronic conditions included in the study with the corresponding ICD-10 codes

From: Patients at high risk for a severe clinical course of COVID-19 — small-area data in support of vaccination and other population-based interventions in Germany

Diseases / disease groups [source] ICD-10 codes
Obesity [15] E66
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD [16] J44
Chronic kidney disease / renal failure [17] N18, N19
Chronic liver disease [18] B18, K70, K72.1, K73, K74
Dementia [5] F00–F03
Type 2 diabetes mellitus [19] E11–E14
Disease-related immunosuppression (except HIV infection, tumor diseases und drug related immunosuppression (if the last two disease groups were not coded by D90) [20] D73.0, D80.-, D81.-, D82.-, D83.-, D84.-, D86.-, D90
Arterial hypertension [5] I10–I15
Cardiovascular diseases [21, 22]  
Coronary heart disease I20–I25
Heart failure I50, I11.0, I13.0, I13.2
Solid tumors [5] C00–C80, without C44
Hematological tumors [23] C81–C96
Stroke or post-stroke condition and cerebrovascular precursors [24] I63–I66
Other neurological diseases [5]  
Multiple sclerosis G35
Parkinson‘s disease G20
Transplantations or post-transplantation conditions of kidney, lung, heart, heart-lung or liver [25, 26] Z94.0–Z.94.4