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Table 4 HIV knowledge and social support among ALHIV (n = 61)

From: The secret life of young adolescents living with HIV in northern Mozambique - a mixed methods study

  n %
Social support (Yes) (n = 61)
 Have someone who helps you when you have a problem? 55 90.0
 Have someone to play with or spend time with when you feel lonely? 53 87.0
 Have someone to talk to when you have questions about your HIV? 15 48.0
 Have someone who makes you feel better when you are sad? 47 77.0
HIV knowledge (Correct response) (n = 31)
 It’s possible to look at a person and tell if they are HIV-positive. 22 71.0
 Anyone can become infected with HIV. 22 71.0
 You can get HIV by kissing a person on the mouth who is infected with HIV. 21 68.0
 The amount of HIV in a person’s blood is called viral load. 12 39.0
 There is a cure for HIV. 17 55.0
  Antiretroviral medications (ARVs) lower the amount of HIV virus in the body. 29 94.0
  It is OK to miss doses of ARVs. 26 84.0
  Viral load means the amount of virus in your blood. 7 23.0
  HIV cannot be passed from an HIV-positive pregnant woman to her unborn child. 10 32.0
  A woman can protect her baby from getting HIV during pregnancy and breastfeeding if she takes her ARVs every day. 23 74.0
 Median % of correct answers 61