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Table 2 School support themes elicited during PRM exercises

From: Supporting mental health and psychosocial wellbeing through social and emotional learning: A participatory study of conflict-affected youth resettled to the U.S.

SEL Level Theme Frequency Mean Rank
Student SEL Competencies English Language Support
Ways to enhance English comprehension and communication skills as a pathway to integration and advancement.
14 2.8
  Peer Support
Newcomer students desire to develop positive relationships with peers (both other newcomer and U.S.-born students).
10 2.9
Adult SEL Psychosocial Wellbeing
Ways in which schools as a whole promote resiliency among newcomer students.
8 2.6
  Teacher Support
Key attributes of teachers and staff to instill confidence, trust, and foster success among newcomer students.
8 3.0
School Climate Orientation to Rules and Norms
Communicating vital information, including information on social norms, school rules, systems and operations, and available resources.
12 3.1
  Sense of School Belonging
Ways for schools to enhance newcomers’ sense of belonging.
6 3.2
  Cultural Responsiveness
The quality of school support related to social identity, language, customs, beliefs, and values identified by newcomer students as helping them to feel welcome, to acclimate, and to succeed.
6 3.2