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Table 1 Description of Project TRUST intervention components by school

From: Evaluation of a school-based participatory intervention to improve school environments using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research

School number YPAR action recommendation examples PPAR action recommendation examples
1 •More opportunities to learn and share across cultures
•Additional class options including art
•Host formal parent gatherings in school three times per year
•Increase parent-school communication on bullying
2 •Develop counseling opportunities for students who are bullying or being bullied
•Increase hallway regulation to prevent physical fights
•Examine use of tablets, especially parental awareness and ability to regulate tablets at home
•Provide opportunities for families to help work through student-staff conflicts
3 •Increase mainstream teacher training for work with English language learner (ELL) students
•Hire more ELL teacher staff
•Host a series of stakeholder dialogues to discuss safety related to bullying
•Increase and improve the quality of communication between school and non-English-speaking parents
4 •Increase teacher training on how to talk about race with their students
•Create an in-school suspension space to help students process their frustrations
•Improve school-parent communications about expectations and use of school technology platforms
•Enhance sixth-grader transition using an existing leadership program
5 •Transform the student behavioral referral process
•Hire more staff of color
•Develop a parent buddy system and open house to welcome new families each fall
•Recruit an outreach coordinator who is also a parent of color