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Table 2 Frequencies of themes and sub-themes of malaria messages contents in twenty primary students’ poems Jimma zone, Oromia, Ethiopia, March 2020

From: Primary school students’ poetic malaria messages from Jimma zone, Oromia, Ethiopia: a qualitative content analysis

Key malaria messages and categories, n = 602 Counts
Thematic message 1: Knowledge about malaria 216
 Signs and symptoms 66
 Ways of prevention and control 59
 Causations and mode of transmission of malaria 51
 Caring for nets 17
 Mosquito breeding behavior 13
 Mosquito biting behavior 10
Thematic message 2: Calls to adopt practices, and changes 161
 Social changes towards malaria elimination 63
 Clean the surrounding environment 42
 Utilization of ITN 23
 Take precautionary measures for IRS 18
 Seek treatment and drug use for malaria 15
Thematic message 3: Threat perceptions from malaria 123
 Perceived severity 101
 Risk conditions 15
 Perceived risk or vulnerability 7
Thematic message 4: Perceived effectiveness of measures 76
 Insecticide treated nets/nets (ITNs) 49
 Cleaning surrounding 12
 Use of drugs 6
 Treatment of malaria or suggestive symptoms: 5
 Indoor residual spray (IRS) 4
Thematic message 5: Misconceptions, beliefs, and malpractices 26
 Preventive and treatment malpractices 23
 Misconceptions about causes 3
aTotal message occurrences 602
  1. aCounts of figurative speech were excluded from the total and independently reported in the text